What to wear for your Branding Photoshoot in Maui

Planning a branding photoshoot in Maui? I know that picking your outfits can be a tough decision. I’ve compiled a few tips here to help with planning your brand photo session. As a business owner, what you wear communicates your brand to potential clients, and we all know first impressions are important, so make sure your branding photoshoot goes down without a hitch by checking out these tips.


Brand aesthetic. 

What is the look you are going for- is it, strong and powerful? or serene and calm? Colors all evoke different responses in the bodies of the observer, here is a quick breakdown –

Red= Energetic, attention-grabbing. Blue = Trust, security, confidence. Purple = spiritual and royalty. Green = Calm, safe, fresh Yellow = Positivity, Happiness. Brown = Earthy, strong, stable. Black = Classic, sophisticated. White = Simplicity, cleanliness, purity.

If you already know your brand colors and want to incorporate them, great! Even if you wear only certain items that communicate your brand colors, thats fine too. Just don’t wear colors that are so ‘off-brand’ that you are giving mixed messages. I.e. if your brand has earthy colors and you decide to wear bright pinks and purples, that will be confusing to your potential customer.


Comfort is key.

If you aren’t comfortable, it’ll show, wear something that helps you to ooze the confidence and persona that you want to display. Also the fit of the clothing is important, you want something that complements your figure and doesn’t swamp you. Maui can often be windy, you don’t want something that will turn into a potato sack in the wind.

Solid colors.

Solid colors tend to be more timeless and less fussy, and also wont clash with busy backgrounds as much. However there are no rules! If your vibe is fun, playful and eccentric, then by all means wear that geometric print dress! Or if you feel feminine, and free, then a floral item might complement you completely.



This is what pushes your outfit to the next level. A hat, some chunky jewelry, and the good thing about this is you can switch items out and create a whole new look with accessories alone!


Bring Options! 

It’s always a good idea to have options, just incase the first outfit doesn’t work with the background the way you thought it would.



Wear wrinkled clothing, it shows! And is really hard to photoshop out.

Wear something you wouldn’t normally wear. We’re trying to communicate the essence of YOU.

Come with nails unprepared! Get that mani/pedi your hands are likely to show in the photos so just bear that in mind

Forget to bring makeup for touchups!

Keep putting off your shoot! No one will notice if you haven’t lost those last few lbs, your photographer will help you look and feel your best, and theres no time like the present 

These photos were taken for the awesome Carmen Marshall who teaches you how to be authentically you, in your business.

If you’d like to get a quote for a branding photo session in Maui, email me here. 


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