Family Photographs in Maui

Photographs in Maui

If you have the good fortune to bring your family to the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui, think about adding a photo shoot into your jam-packed itinerary, because you’ll want these souvenirs of your trip for posterity! Otherwise you’re just pointing and clicking in the moment – which may be great at the time – but you might wish you’d done it differently later.

Your Family

We know that your family is made up of some awesome people, and that you love making memories together. Heartstrings Photo Co. helps you to document your trip in a way that really shows off the personality of every member of your family, and serves as a reminder of the good times you had together. That’s because we bring the right energy to a photo shoot…along with the right skill and experience.

Have you ever gone to a stuffy old studio and had a well, strange experience? Old-school portrait takers like to fuss with people, “arranging” them just so, which, to the modern portrait subject, starts to seem a little odd and sometimes downright offensive.

On the other hand, nice, casual shots in front of our amazing Hawaiian scenery can be far more fun – without the weird shoulder-grabbing.

The Scenery

As you travel around Maui, you see some of the best backdrops you’ll ever get for great family photos. This isn’t like walking into a studio in your hometown and pulling down a blue screen. These are actual geographic panoramas that are worth their weight in gold when it comes to photo shoot environments so why not take the opportunity to capture it? So if you have the foresight to put together your annual family photo shoot with your trip, instead of waiting until you get home, you get some really valuable photo’s that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Remember the old days? People would drag out their vacation slides and make people watch the image from a projector on the wall. LOL!

Today’s world is digital – and it’s even easier to *make* people watch your vacation photos on social media and elsewhere on the Internet. You can throw these up on Facebook or create a great blog, or Instagram or tweet about your fun times. We create the epic photographs that look good on those platforms. It’s not just point and click with a smartphone – we have the experience to really bring out your best side. Talk to Heartstrings Photo Co about getting a great Hawaii family photo shoot while you’re out here! Take a closer look on our website for special offers and more, or follow us on Instagram!

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