Four Tips for Making the Most of Your Infant Photo Shoot

Infant Photo Shoot in Maui

When it comes to significant milestones in your life, very few things compare to the birth of a baby in your family. From their first smile to their first steps, watching your child grow up can arguably be one of the biggest inspirations and sources of joy in your life. However, they’re only young once, and it’s absolutely vital to make sure you capture a series of photos while they’re still little. Having these memories to look back on when they’ve grown up will be something you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. If you’re looking to book a session with us here at Heartstrings Photo Co. here are four essential tips to help ensure you get all of the adorable pictures that you want during your time with me.

Know Your Child’s Schedule

Just like adults, babies have their own schedules, too. For instance, is your little one happier in the morning, but gets fussy in the afternoon? Are they more mellow right after mealtimes, or do they get grumpy or sleepy after they eat? These are all critical things to remember, as it could strongly impact your photography session.


Choose Your Style of Poses

Many parents elect to get a variety of shots of their child, but your preferences may vary depending on you or your child’s personality. Do you think you’d like more staged pictures, or are you hoping to get more candid shots of your baby? Do you want to include yourself and your partner in the photos, or is this your child’s big day? While the choice is ultimately yours, you should still definitely plan ahead for it and make sure you choose the right photographer who’s style matches your vision.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

While you may have big plans of everything running smoothly the day of the photoshoot, your baby may have another agenda altogether. He may be in a bad mood and cry the entire time. Or she may decide to sleep throughout the session. As long as you come in with an open mind and recognize that these little hiccups may occur, you’ll be much happier with the pictures in the long run!

Cherish Every Single Moment

While you may be stressed or anxious about how the session will unfold, it’s important to focus on the fact that we’re coming together to take pictures of your precious baby. These photos are going to give you amazing memories of your little one, allowing you to look back on their early days with fondness and love. This is a fun bonding experience between you and your child, and you’re going to love the pictures that we take of your sweet bundle of joy.

If you’re in the Maui area – whether you’re a local or you’re just visiting for a vacation – we’d love to get to know you and take pictures of you and your family. To learn more about our photography services, or to book your session with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!


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