Tips for a successful family photo shoot in Maui with Heartstrings Photo Co.

I’ve compiled a list of a few family photo tips here to make planning your Maui Photo Session a little easier.

Family photo sessions are so much fun for me! I love getting to know your little ones and hearing all their stories. Don’t feel like you have to rush them because of time constraints or that they are bothering me, I love to try and strike up a friendship and build trust with your kids as we go along so we can get some awesome shots, and if they are not rushed and they feel relaxed that’s where the best pictures will come from – and this rule applies to the adults too! So with that in mind, give yourselves enough time to find the location and get parking!

Once you have booked your session, your location information and exact start time of your session will be emailed to you before your shoot. (Start times change throughout the year due to sunrise and sunset times changing)

Your remainder payment will be due on the day, I can take cash card or check.

Once you arrive for your family shoot, I’ll chat to you for a minute or two before we get started just to see if there are any particular shots you want, (or don’t want), but I usually do all my posed and more formal style of shots first, so we know we have those, all the ones where you are looking at the camera and smiling. Once I know I have all that I need, I move on to candid and playful pictures. This is where you may get wet and sandy!

If you booked a large group photo session, I often suggest that if one family wants to arrive 15 – 30 minutes earlier they can, that way I can start with their photos, move on to the main big group shots, (and then the first family can leave) and then take the remaining families photos. This way the session is broken up and doesn’t involve having one family wait around for the an hour before they even get pictures taken. Shoot me a message if I haven’t already chatted to you about this.

Sunscreen – I appreciate we all want to wear sunscreen these days especially with the sun being so strong here, but two things to bear in mind, sunscreen + sand don’t mix too good unless you want to end up looking like the sandman in all your professional photos! Additionally the sunscreen can make your skin especially on your face look patchy in pictures so try to keep it to a minimum or wait til the shoot is over.

Shade – I always try to shoot close to a shady area if I can, so if you’re worried about your little one getting too much sun, just let me know and we can take a break in the shade. Also if you want bring an umbrella we can setup in the background.

Snacks – feel free to bring snacks for your kids! I’m more than happy to bribe them with snacks haha – but really, if your little one is getting cranky and needs something in their tummy, it makes my job much easier if they are not hangry! So don’t feel like you are taking up my time stopping for a quick snack break, if its something they can pop in their mouth and we can continue shooting i.e. those little baby puffs, even better! The same goes for nursing, I remember how hard it was trying to schedule baby feed times, if you need to stop and nurse your babe for them to be happy – let me know – it’s not a problem.

Shoes – if you want to plan shoes with your outfit you are more than welcome to, however I find most people are more comfortable barefoot on the sand, it makes for an easier and more playful shoot!

Water – all this picture taking is thirsty work!

Towels – when you are done with your shoot you most likely will be sandy and wet, so a towel and maybe extras to put under you in the rental car, if you don’t bring a change of clothes.

Potty break –  Some of the beaches I shoot at don’t have toilets or showers. So try to plan ahead for potty breaks (if you can) and make sure it doesn’t interrupt your session.

Toys – if your child has a favorite toy that you KNOW will make them smile bring it! If not, I’ll just do my usual go to of fart noises and animal sounds. 🙂

Blanket – We will be sitting for some shots, if you don’t want to get sandy bring a blanket, if you don’t have one or need one no problem!

What to wear

Comfort is key! If you are not comfortable it will show.

Choose a main color as a ‘theme’ and then choose complimentary colors to go with it.

Accessories are great, jazz up that plain colored dress with a chunky statement necklace. Ladies hats can be great too! Although I do suggest not wearing watches or anything on your wrists as it can be distracting in close up shots. Also men – no baseball caps, we need to see your face.

Arms – I know often times us ladies can be self conscious about arms, if this is you – wear a shawl, a dress with capped sleeves, or a cardigan. You can always do some pictures without it on too.

Colors I recommend  – think of colors that reflect the colors in your surroundings. Think a neutral color palette.

morning beach shoots, light blues, greens, yellows/ tan, a little white or even better blue + white pinstripes! Think light + airy! 

Sunsets = darker tones can work at sunset – orange, red, dark blue, dark green, mustard colors, brown. The morning colors also work well at sunset, because of the blues and tan colors suggested.

Denim – I love a little denim if it works with what everyone else is wearing, ie if you are going for denim keep the other colors simple (think whites, greys and blues, maybe a little mustard color if you can swing it) I had a family the other day that had their baby in denim overalls and nothing underneath it was SO cute.

Jungle background – you want complimentary colors to the green background that will stand out. Mustard yellow, light blue, white or cream, nothing too ‘busy’ as the jungle has alot going on!

Shoes – most people choose to go barefoot for beach photos, but it’s totally your choice!

See you soon for your photoshoot in Maui!

Amy xox

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